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Memorable Moments

We know how important it is for an idea, or an event to come together exactly how we imagined. Created to Create Co. pays attention to those small details to create the most flawless experience for our clients. Whether they are launching a new business, celebrating a new baby, or marrying their forever person. We want our expertise in not only design, but detail to fulfill the vision you see for your next special moment.


Hi everyone! My name is Shanea and I am the Owner/Creator behind Created to Create Co. Growing up, I've always enjoyed watching cake decorating shows like "Cake Wars" so it amazes me how I'm now creating cake toppers and signs for so many talented bakers and business owners across the globe.

Currently, I'm a case worker by day and laser artist by night. With 5 kids, people look at me like "how do you do it all?" and I'm still trying to figure it out!  My friends still asks in amazement, "how did you end up with a laser in your front room?!" 
In my mind I always say "we go one way, but God directs us another way."

Starting this business although it was a complete accident, I have learned so much about myself along the way, I always get asked the question "what's the most satisfying thing about owning a business." I always say the smiles and thank you's from my customers really warms my heart. It's like I helped make a birthday or anniversary a little extra special because they had something made especially for them and I was able to make it happen.


Now I'm obsessed with all the things that I'm capable of doing with laser cutting. From designing to the different style acrylics out there.

All I can hope for is that they come back to me in the future! So I can continue to create memories.

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